Edward Dawson-Taylor

Edward Dawson-Taylor

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First Name * Edward
Last Name * Dawson-Taylor
Username * edd-DT
Country * United States
City Los Angeles
Nationality British
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website www.edjfx.com


I am a highly technical, highly creative person, passionate about making beautiful images, music, and using emerging technologies in exciting new ways for creative results. My primary passion is linking visuals to music, but I also love to create beautiful images on their own for a variety of media such as TV, Film, Commercials, Music videos, events the list goes on. I am also a programmer having had a previous life in software development, and have the knowlege to make off the shelf software do unusual things to meet unusual needs for projects. Or to create new software if it doesnt exist already.

I am lucky in that I have always done what I love and that has evolved through the years. Initially I worked as a Programmer/engineer, then graduating to VJ, 3D Artist and interactive/live show visual designer. I am always seeking to understand emerging technologies and how they can be used in useful and creative new ways. I believe that this is an incredibly exciting time to be alive surrounded by such constant innovation in the digital realm